1. Goat cheese. #1 always. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. Always order anything on the menu with goat cheese in it. It's creamy and amazing and I've never tasted anything so good in my LIFE except pizza, pasta, shrimp, crab, bread, Coca-Cola, and a lot of other things.
  2. American cheese. American cheese on its own is bland and terrible and might actually be plastic but with bread and butter and MAGIC it creates the most perfect sandwich, the classic grilled cheese. Life on Earth would be infinitely sadder without the grilled cheese.
  3. Fresh mozzarella. Fresh mozzarella is delicious on its own or combined with tomatoes and basil to make a flavor explosion in my mouth. Fresh mozzarella makes it's way into my grocery cart every week and could be one of the bigger factors in the delayed arrival of my bikini body (yet again).
  4. Cheddar! I love cheddar especially sharp cheddar and only recently learned it becomes even more flavorful @ room temperature. For someone who loves eating cheese so much it sure took me a lot of years to figure that one out. Cheddar can also be used to make a fairly delicious grilled cheese, but I'm still firmly American FTW on that one.
  5. Gouda. I'm putting this here so I seem more cultured and knowledgeable. I'm not entirely sure what Gouda is but given that it's cheese I'm pretty sure I love it.
  6. Feta cheese is the poor man's goat cheese. It's deliciously salty but you're a fool to use feta when goat is an option.
  7. Colby Jack. Best eaten in cubes on top of Ritz crackers while binge watching reality TV shows you should be really embarrassed about but are incredibly thankful they exist.
  8. Macaroni and cheese. Not a cheese, you say? WRONG IT'S BASICALLY ALL CHEESE and I love it in every form. Best eaten an entire box @ a time straight out of the pot, preferably in pajamas and while you're still watching those terrible reality shows instead of reading all the books you got from the library to seem hip and smart.
  9. I don't love Brie, but I've also never not eaten at least half the wheel when it's in front of me, usually on some kind of beautifully arranged wooden cheese plate that I demolish.
  10. Bleu cheese is the worst. I think it's the only cheese I hate except in salad dressing form that I'm smearing on my pizza. Maybe there's no cheese I hate.