1. Get good quality, 100% cotton clothes
    Tee shirts, socks, underwear
  2. Let clothes soak in soda ash water for 20 minutes
    I keep several clothes in the bucket so I have them ready to go
  3. Wring excess moisture out of your clothes when you are ready to dye
    Squeeze the bajeezus out of those things
  4. Set your design
    Fold, twist, bunch, scrunch, or band your design of choice securely. The tighter you wrap rubber bands, the less dye will soak in that particular area.
  5. Dye that SOB
    Squeeze bottles give you the best control, and are also how commercial dye kits are packaged. Dye carefully, working outward from the center so colors don't become muddy. Be sure to get down into folds to totally saturate sections with color- this gives you a crisp design.
  6. Once your piece is dyed, gently squeeze out excess dye and wrap in plastic wrap, and let sit for 6-24 hours
    At this point I move on to another piece. I let them all sit overnight and unwrap them about 24 hours later.
  7. After you've been good and patient, unwrap your handiwork
  8. Rinse it very well
    This is easiest to do in a bathtub. Wear gloves do you don't stain your hands, and just work and squeeze at the piece until water runs mostly dye free
  9. Wash your dyed clothing separately on hot to prevent colors bleeding onto anything else, then wash again with detergent.
  10. Model your masterpiece, and bask in others admiration of your new favorite hobby
  11. Static