Let's see how relatable I can be
  1. I totally thought the "D" in Disney was a confused cursive "G"
  2. I sincerely thought the guy's name was Haddam Hussein.
    Evilly alliterative, Hitler also starts with H, and Sodom was a place in the Bible.
  3. I thought Pictionary was a drinking game
    My parents are teetotalers. There was never alcohol in the house. But when they had friends over playing Pictionary, there was behavior going on that I didn't find appropriate for adults.
  4. I believed the goodness in people was absolute and those folks were infallible.
    Bless my little misguided heart.
  5. That I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast
    Brown hair, loved books. Obvs.
  6. The friends I had as a child would be my friends for life.
  7. Being an adult would be awesome.
  8. Oops!