I love bars with jukeboxes. They are a fun neutral activity if you are feeling down or drinking alone. This is an open list so please add your own!
  1. The Communist's Daughter, Toronto. This is a bar near my house with a great jukebox, even though it is named after a Neutral Milk Hotel song. Songs to play: Led Zeppelin's "Tangerine", "The Concept" by Teenage Head.
  2. Idee Fixe, Montreal. This jukebox is free! They have giant bottles of Labatt 50 which they call "ciquante." Songs to play: an entire Billy Joel album, Rush's "Tom Sawyer."
  3. The Magician, New York. This is my favourite bar, maybe ever. Great happy hour. Sympathetic bartenders. It looks like a detective agency and it is always half empty. Their jukebox is pretty good! Songs to play: a "Slow Rider"/"Low Rider" combination (they have the Dazed and Confused soundtrack), The Smiths' "William (It Was Really Nothing"
  4. The Virgil, Los Angeles. Their juke box is free and rad! Happy hour goes till midnight on Tuesday. The have lots of comedy in the back room, too. But mostly the juke box.
    Suggested by @danrobert