1. Egg creams
  2. Bodegas, cats in bodegas, all the different chips they sell
  3. Everyone is obsessed with selzer. Wtf is this?!
  4. The subway has this incredibly distinct smell and everytime I catch a whiff of this, I'm home.
  5. Black and white cookies
  6. Deeply authentic New York characters with brooklyn accents who hate menial labour and are bored and exasperated in a charming way - I love you!
  7. Stand clear the closing doors... The doors are now closing.
  8. Gilda Radner Way (it's right by the Film Forum)
  9. Buying a fall coat from those random leather jacket stores on the lower east side - this is my favourite way to buy anything!
  10. I can walk forever and never get bored
  11. The Chrystler Building is fucking beautiful
  12. So is going to Veselka late at night and reading a book all evening
  13. It's the best place in the world to see a movie alone