1. Dovercourt from Dundas to Queen
  2. Kensington Market - my grandparents are landlords here. At the Freshmart there is a picture of my mom as a baby from when they owned a fruit stand in the 60's. She's holding a woman's hand as a little girl but doesn't know who the woman is.
  3. Riding your bike over the Don Valley at night and looking at the skyline
  4. Those swings in Christie Pits that look like diaphragms
  5. Running into people you know over and over through the course of a 10 minute walk and doing the Toronto nod.
  6. The east end - tougher, Degrassi Street, when you bike through it on a really hot summer night it smells like Jasmine
  7. The west end - my home, trendy, Portugeuse custard tarts
  8. Taking a streetcar
  9. When it's snowing and you're walking home after a party down Grace Street by the big park and it's quiet and still