Because no one wants to actually talk to their family members.
  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    I thought it was very entertaining, precise, fan filmmaking. The new cast was awesome. Such fan service but made with love. Loved the cinematography and action sequences. I have a crush on John Boyega and wanna put BB-8 in my pocket. So excited for all the future films.
  2. Joy
    Flawed but brilliant. Jennifer Lawrence is unbelievable. I like when she cuts her hair into that power lob.
  3. Most of Party Down
    Such underrated comedy. The high school reunion episode is up there in my pantheon of humiliation comedy.
  4. Re-watched most of Transparent again
  5. A Christmas movie called "Santa Paws 2: The Search For Santa Paws"
    Singing orphans make an appearance.
  6. Some of Sisters (I snuck into the theatre while my dad and brother were waiting to get into Star Wars)
  7. Amy
  8. A movie where Sarah Silverman does a bunch of blow and has sex from behind a lot with strange men
    I watched this with my parents who are getting divorced! It was a weird experience. The movie felt contrived. Snuck down to watch the Democratic debates with my grandpa in the basement instead.
  9. The classic film "Think Like A Man"
    Did you know this was inspired by a Steve Harvey dating manual? This film is vaguely depressing. Kevin Hart has like 8 scenes where he is too short to play basketball. Watched this in Kitchener with my brother. We tried to smoke weed but couldn't find a lighter. A failed evening on many accounts.
  10. Spotlight
  11. The Bojack Horseman Christmas Special