Pictures on my roll that I think are very Calvin.

  1. Streetfest.
  2. Late night games of Settlers.
  3. Chaos Night.
  4. I took this photo in September and referred back to it for the rest of the year.
  5. Dorm retreat with a sleepy Flage in my lap.
  6. .
  7. MidKnight Madness.
  8. Masquerade.
  9. Spontaneous beach days.
  10. Idiots taking your phone while you're trying to get shit done.
  11. Kayla bringing stuff home.
  12. I didn't take this picture.
  13. Everyone and their roommate has this sweatshirt.
  14. This didn't come out the way I wanted but, floor wear!
  15. February 25.
  16. Lab.
  17. Concerts.
  18. Dance guild.
  19. Fish house.
  20. In a hammock on a nice day.
  21. Roommate eating pizza on the floor in her pajamas at 2:45 am by herself.
    Disclaimer: Lauren doesn't know I took this picture, let's keep it that way.
  22. Brother floor minus a few.
  23. Knoll dinner on Saturdays.
  24. Sunsets over the field house.
  25. Floor pics at the Sem pond.