Colors I see

On the A train at 1am
  1. Green - with white
    Task rabbit ad
  2. Silver
    Train car skeleton
  3. Orange - with tan and sometimes yellow
  4. Dark brown
    Hair of the man crouching alongside his friends, discussing the script of "A View From the Bridge."
  5. Black and dark gray - with super bright off-white and blurry maroon
    The view from the window between stations
  6. Dirty salmon - with black
    My iPhone case
  7. Sickly yellow/green-tinged white
  8. Gold
    Watch of the man trying to impress his lady companions by talking smart talk about a class they all share
  9. Black
    Headphones of the man sleeping in the corner after a long day, also the Michael Kors bag carried by the aforementioned female student
  10. Blue - with white, tan, red, brown, yellow, and black
    54 Rice Crispy Bars carried by a very tired-looking man
  11. Pink
    Someone's shoes
  12. Navy - with white, sometimes brown (thread), and various metals
    Sea of jeans
  13. Browns and beiges
  14. White
    The only visible book in the world of tired eyes, too late for reading
  15. Red - with black and white
    Sign admonishing smoking, littering, and playing loud music, at least one of which rules is currently being ignored
  16. Purple checks - on white
    Starched shirt of a business-y suit-wearing man looking at videos of babies on his phone