Inspired by @lanacho
  1. 10
    He was 11 (an older man). He had really good abs, which has always been important. He was essentially one of two boys I knew (being homeschooled). He was all Texas-y and charming. He was fairly short, which bothered me, but I graciously looked past it. We bonded during the year-long student film project, and he eventually asked me to the homeschool dance... But by the time it came, he had moved on to someone else. I think I thought I loved him.
  2. 17
    He was a dancer. Everyone said how attractive and also how trouble he was. I didn't get the hype at first. He really knew how to move his body, and also mine when he danced with me. He was in a band and liked really good music. I had most of my first experiences wth alcohol with him. He was fit as shit. We went to a dance convention, drank red wine from coffee mugs, had intense music bonding. He didn't do relationships. One day he stopped being nice to me suddenly and I was sad for a long time.
  3. Now
    The most exciting person I've ever met. Actor who's passion levels rival mine. Energy! Makes me want to be better at things. His body is perfect. Understands how to play—never have to have serious conversations. Challenges me constantly, often outwits me. I've never wanted someone to touch me so badly. Says/does really weird, hot things to me. Bad at making plans and texting back. Good at hurting people. Maybe didn't mean the things he said to me that I thought he meant. Gone for now.
  4. End
    That is a complete list.