Inspired by @sarahyuro
  1. insightful
    I couldn't figure out if the spelling was "insightful" or "inciteful", I feel like that's almost poetic.
  2. dear evan hansen
    To see how young and small the actresses look, to see if there was any point at all of trying to crash the upcoming equity call. I decided there wasn't.
  3. chocolate sesame ice cream
    Followed shortly by "chocolate sesame ice cream nyc" and "chocolate sesame ice cream chinatown". What kind of person mentions chocolate sesame ice cream and then doesn't remember the name of the place you bought it?
  4. the humans broadway rush tickets
    My train was delayed so I missed them anyway, and went to see The Crucible instead, with my friend who was visiting. Pretending I see plays all the time... I mean, I definitely do. I'm not struggling financially.
  5. off broadway shows
    But don't worry, Lilian, I can totally afford Broadway ticket prices, it's fine. Let's go see The Humans. I can go rush. I know they just won the TONY, but I should be fine if I get there by 9:00.
  6. scabies bites
    I'm fine. I definitely don't have them. Just becoming a bug-centric hypochondriac.
  7. 70s country singers
    No comment.
  8. Paula Vogel Award for Playwrighting
    I've been on a kick of researching writer-y fellowships and grants and stuff lately. had this one listed, but the link didn't work, so thanks google. I'm pretty sure they were only for people who actually write plays anyway, so I didn't super need to go to all the effort of copy pasting those words and hitting enter, but no task is too much.
  9. unitedairlines
    Bought my ticket go home to California for a bit this Summer!
  10. spongebob musical
    Is anyone as fascinated by what they are doing with this show as I am?