Plans I've failed to keep, by time the plans were made

  1. First thing in the morning
    Go back to sleep. Coffee immediately, but just one cup today.
  2. January 1st (or, actually, the lead-up to January 1st)
    Learn to play the banjo. Learn to juggle. Practice every day.
  3. Second thing in the morning
    Cook 3 full meals. Pack everything I could possibly need for the day. Work on this project on the train. Find time to take dance class. Leave the house having done all that within the next 20 minutes. May as well go to all 10 auditions today.
  4. Sunday
    Exercise every day. Return my library books. Update my blog. Get my hair cut.
  5. Childhood
    Be the president (and also a professional dancer, and also a fire fighter). Make friends with everyone.
  6. Spring
    Travel. Rest.
  7. Afternoon
    Do laundry when I get home.
  8. Tweendom
    Adopt a child. Fall in love.
  9. Summer
    Stay in touch. Be ready for next year.
  10. Evening
    Don't spend money tonight. Get ready and out the door at a reasonable time. Meet people, schmooze, promote myself shamelessly.
  11. September
    Be something really cool for Halloween.
  12. Teens
    Be a star. Be better than everyone. Effortlessly succeed at every difficult task. Weigh under 125 lb. at any cost.
  13. Fall
    Be perfect. Be happy all the time.
  14. Night
    Collaborate with everyone. Maintain several new best-friendships. Read 100 books. Go out all the time and replicate this exciting thing.
  15. December
    Not stress about my birthday and just have fun and not care who shows up.
  16. Saturday
    Do better next week.
  17. Winter
    Don't overwork myself. Go in prepared. Be prepared. Believe I'm prepared. Focus on one thing at a time.
  18. Adulthood so far
    Take care of my body. Not care what he thinks. Always leave 15 minutes earlier than I think I need to. Keep my room tidy.
  19. Middle of the night
    Never eat again. Stop watching so much TV. Take over the world.