And why I like it when people are mean to me.
  1. Nice: Desire to impress/flatter.
    Whether or not genuine.
  2. Mean: You are friends and know you can tease each other.
    See also challenging each other and making each other better, smarter people.
  3. Nice: Maintaining decorum and politeness.
    Even with strangers or people you never expect to matter to you or your life.
  4. Mean: Feeling threatened.
    Which is a compliment, if you think about it.
  5. Nice: Manipulation.
  6. Mean: Desire to hurt someone, because they hurt you.
    Which means you care, probably a lot, even if you're really mad right now.
  7. Nice: Pity.
  8. Mean: Telling a hard truth, even though you don't want to, because they need to hear it.
  9. Nice: Fear.
  10. Mean: You've had a hard day, and are taking it out on someone.
    Sometimes this is because it's someone you trust to still love you after you've been awful. Even when it's not, it may not show that you care about this person, but it still shows your vulnerability to a certain extent.
  11. Nice: Lots of good reasons, too, obviously, but you get my point.