*that were making my life impossible
  1. Pick the perfect order
    Never let the audience get bored!
  2. Make all the perfect casting choices
    Luckily I have lots of talented friends!
  3. Feature everyone equally
    Also, distribute everyone's numbers equally throughout the show, so they don't end up waiting around!
  4. Make it a fun rehearsal process
    Make sure no one but you has any stress about working on it—Also, lots of snacks!
  5. Work around everyone's schedules
    Don't make anyone lose work to work for free on your piece—Also, don't nag them about getting back to you about scheduling! This is a fun process!
  6. Full transparency about all decisions and progress
    Without being annoying and pestering people—remember, this is a fun process!
  7. Pick the perfect venue
    Get the audience in the right mood. Really, don't let them get bored!
  8. But charge as little as possible for admission
    This whole thing was supposed to be about sharing, not making people pay you!
  9. But probably charge something
    First of all, you have no money, but also you don't want people thinking this is a middle school talent show—cover makes it feel more professional.
  10. Don't feature yourself too much
    Probably don't want to call it a "showcase" of your music, either, because that sounds so self-serving and egotistical!
  11. Give everyone total artistic freedom to make choices
    Don't stifle them just because You wrote it and have lots of ideas about what it means and how you would perform it!
  12. Make sure the show has a flow and an overarching vision
    I don't care if this is your self-proclaimed biggest weaknesses as a writer, don't let the audience get bored!
  13. Get everyone to come see it
    But, you know, not in a naggy, braggy way!