Because I'm sitting in Urgent Care right now.
  1. My right ear canal is swollen shut
    I can't hear out of it and it hurrrts
  2. I have a cold or something
    So I've been hanging out in m bed watching Inside Amy Schumer, Dance Moms, and Comedy Bang Bang (a solid mix, if I do say so) for the past couple days
  3. Also my throat hurts
  4. I'm covered in scareacting-inflicted bruises
    But, honestly, those are a mark of pride if anything
  5. My left arm hurts if I move it up or back or put pressure on it or something
    I'm not totally sure what the exact motion is that upsets it, but it also tried to click around funky in its socket—that's what it felt like, but not the pain of dislocation—several times this year
  6. My right ankle clicks sometimes when I press off of it
    Especially when I run or climb stairs. Very intermittent, but has happened periodically for years
  7. My stomach doesn't like to digest the following: dairy, spicy foods, raw veggies, particularly acidic foods, literally anything good
  8. :Note:
    ... how I didn't mention anything to do with the way my body looks. That's fine. I just want to hear out of both ears again.