Things that are making this week extraordinarily busy

I'm so tired and also happy.
  1. Production meeting
  2. Dance rehearsals
  3. Teaching music lesson
  4. Watching children
  5. My first ever tinder encounter
    It went remarkably well.
  6. Booking a venue
  7. Scheduling/running rehearsal
  8. Recording a coloratura comic aria for a friend
  9. Finishing up writing a song
  10. Learning two monologues
  11. Getting called in for two auditions for nice contracts I would very much like
  12. Travel
  13. Friend bonding
  14. Buying tickets to shows I'm very excited to see
  15. Film shoot that involved a lot of running around
  16. Continuing that zombie life
  17. Refusing to narrow my interests and career goals
  18. Edit: also, dealing with my roommate getting scammed, talking her down, and helping her fix it.
    She got really lucky and ended up getting all her money back.