Get it? Because even though not exactly sarcasm these are lessons someone shouldn't ever have to learn. Felt like I had to clarify, just in case.
  1. I was never taught to look for inspiration and motivation to live from mysterious, quirky strangers.
    If I don't have motivation to go on and lead a worthwhile life, I have to get my own damn self out of it. And, in fact, even better if I can revitalize some sad men while I'm at it. I mean, or women. Sharing inspiration with others is genuinely great.
  2. I have always been expected to be weaker.
    Which made me all that much more eager to prove how strong I am/be strong. Especially when it came to power tools.
  3. I know how to look good.
    Because it's kinda required, but also can sometimes be really enjoyable.
  4. I know how to seduce people.
    See above.
  5. I know how to diffuse situations where I feel pressured or uncomfortable or unsafe.
    See above.
  6. I know how to bolster egos.
    See above.
  7. I know how to take blame and reprimanding because it's easier than fighting and we need to move on and actually get work done.
    See above.
  8. About a billion more options when it comes to grooming/fashion.
    If they are also probably more expensive...
  9. I've always been supported in my choice to pursue acting and singing and dancing.
  10. I learned about subverting expectations a long time ago.
    And how much work that takes, and patience, and empathy, and yeah, being a hard worker probably makes me more skilled at some things, although encouragement and confidence can often be at least as effective.
  11. I have a constant awareness of what is around me, including potential danger.
    No one's going to follow me down the street without me knowing. And, yes, I checked my backseat in case someone managed to break into my car while I was out and is now waiting for me to pull away. And, yes, I pulled the shower curtain back when I went to pee at that party because that one girl got jumped by someone hiding in a shower.
  12. I have a lot of imagined contingency plans in case danger arises.
    Keys between your fingers in case you need to punch someone and incapacitate them for long enough to run away; am I carrying a hot beverage I can throw at them?; where are there lights on/people around and who could hear me if I screamed?; how do I get out of these shoes/drop my groceries or whatever I'm carrying in order to run faster?
  13. Something special and personal with which to bond with other women.
    Everyone has awful catcalling stories and "I tried to turn this guy down at the bar" stories.
  14. Something shocking and insightful to explain to my guy friends.
    ... Which not only makes me feel smart and... Something akin to exotic in my very different experience, but also makes me feel like an important do-gooder for making the world more aware.
  15. If I'm successful in writing, I get to be special and important, because men dominate.
    So, yeah, if I make it, I get to feel doubly good about myself.
  16. I don't doubt that I'm pretty.
    ... Because men (frequently strangers) feel inclined to tell me about it. Also women. It's the easiest and least-personal compliment to give and always goes over well.
  17. I know I can never be, like, REALLY pretty.
    ... Like model pretty, you know? So I don't have to bother with that stuff, which is kind of a load off...?
  18. I am generally always aware of how I look and how my appearance is perceived at all times.
    People make comments, but also I feel eyes on me at even the most innocuous supposed-to-secluded, safe environments, so I am basically constantly policing my appearance, which means I'm never wondering about it. It does take a ton of time and energy, though.
  19. People trust me with their children.
  20. I am polite/considerate.
    That's a subtle one, but a girl can't be bossy or bitchy. I took that shit to heart as a child, and I really do understand how to take care of everyone around me's feelings, which is exhausting, but I like to think makes me a better friend/person.
  21. I know some of the internet (and world) is just not for me.
    Which is nice, because there's so much out there, so it's a lot less to keep on top of.
  22. I don't have to worry about versatility in my acting.
    There are way, way, way fewer parts, and until I get older, they are mostly very similar.
  23. Honestly, I don't have to worry about acting skill/technique at all.
    Since there are SO few parts, and SO many actresses, it really matters so much more who you know and what you look like. Most of the film breakdowns I read don't really care if you have any personality traits or acting abilities as long as you fit the very specific look they intricately describe.