Or, why I am always excited to offer guests tea.
  1. Honeybush Vanilla from Teavana
    This tea I bought when I wasn't having caffeine or acidic fruit, which, although it is good, I never reach for now that that diet restriction has been lifted?
  2. New York Breakfast from T2
    This yummy black tea that might make me think of NY, because it's named after NY and also I bought it is NY?
  3. Mango Black Tea from Trader Joe's
    This tea suggestion from my sister that I already just had a cup of last night?
  4. Harvest Blend from Trader Joe's
    The only fruit tea that I like, which I have code-named "fox" among my roommates, and generally stick-pile in the fall when it's old?
  5. Chocolate-Covered Orange! From T2
    This blend I picked and got for free from T2's grand opening?
  6. Whisky and Cinnamon from Filicori Zecchini
    This tea that tastes exactly like it says it will, but still for some reason is never what I expected it to be, even though I put it in this leftover Peet's tin to keep it fresh?
  7. Plantation Mint from Bigelow
    This mint-black tea blend I also used to drink with my sister, whose name miiiight be racist if you think too hard about it?
  8. Generic Jasmine Tea from Wegmans
    This tea that I've already gone through almost two boxes of in the last couple months, and has revitalized my appreciation of green tea (because Jasmine tea is always yummy)?
  9. Chamomile from Celestial Seasonings
    My favorite chamomile?
  10. Either of these Twinings fruit teas that now share a box
    Also bought in an effort to cut caffeine, and basically never reached for?
  11. Chai from Twinings
    My favorite chai?
  12. Static
    The green tea I got in China from the mother of one of the kids I taught (but honestly don't love—the tea, not the girl)?
  13. Static
    One of these samples or something that I somehow acquired?