Winter is the worst season.
  1. "Emmylou" First Aid Kit
    "Oh the bitter winds are coming in and I'm already missing the summer."
  2. "To A Poet" First Aid Kit
    "It always takes me by surprise how dark it gets this time of the year and how apparent it all becomes that you're not close, not even near."
  3. "Rhymes & Reasons" John Denver
    "So you speak to me of sadness, the coming of the winter..."
  4. "Winter in my Heart" Avett Brothers
    "It must be winter in my heart There's nothing warm in there at all" "They say seasons turn in time Theirs our changing, why won't mine?" "It must be winter in my heart It must be winter in my heart It must be winter in my heart It must be winter in my heart" they get it. Winter stinks.
  5. "Your Love is Forever" George Harrison
    "Resigned to the wintertime's cold and dreary"
  6. "Here Comes the Sun" The Beatles
    "It's been a long cold lonely winter." You know the rest.
  7. "Beechwood Park" The Zombies
    "Do you remember summer days..." Basically spends the whole song reminiscing about how wonderful summer is and memories he'll never forget.
  8. The 100s of songs written about how fantastic summer is.
  9. "Water" by Brad Paisley
    Suggested by @natahathan