Here's how we celebrate the birth of Jesus here on the ol' homestead👶🏾🎅🏻🎄🎁
  1. Eventually I put up the tree🎄
    Mom comments on how much she dislikes putting lights on the tree.
  2. This year we made a paper snowflake gallery! ❄️
    It is in our stairwell and it is beautiful. Every time we go up the stairs now we make wooshy noises and yell "it's a blizzard!!"💨❄️
  3. We listen to Claire's Funky Christmas Playlist
    I will post that later but the family favorite is Christians and the Pagans by Dar Williams you should listen to it it makes me tear up a lil at the end but it's mostly a funny song.
  4. 6 o'clock church
    We all dress fancy. I'll be wearing an emerald green dress and gold shoes. The service is beautiful. At the end we dim all the lights and sing Silent Night in unison by candlelight. That's my favorite church moment for the whole year.
  5. Open one present!
    Our parents give me and my brother one present to open when we get back from church on Christmas Eve. It will be new pajamas.
  6. Stockings!!👢(there is no sock emoji)
    Second favorite Christmas thing: brother and I open stockings alone, which are filled with dollar-store toys and a Terry's dark chocolate orange (my third favorite Christmas thing).
  7. Then present time🎁🎁
    We open gifts from each other first, THEN the Santa gifts. 🎅🏻
  8. Then we lay around on our PJs until dinner time
  9. And that's Chrimas!