1. Rey is NEVER sexualised
    (This def #1) Even though she is played by a beautiful young woman, Daisy Ridley. Rey is not so-and-so's love interest, or daughter, or sister. She is her own fantastic character who is a joy to watch. ALSO there is something so wonderfully empowering for me as a teenage girl to watch a girl like me be her very own person and the star of the movie without having to be sexy, not even on "accident."
  2. BB-8
    Even cuter than R2D2. I promise. BB-8 is orange and reminds me of my little orange dog, whom I love dearly. Also, the cast has been consistent in never giving BB-8 a gender, which is satisfying.
  3. Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron💖
    What a beautiful actor. What a beautiful, kind, and daring character. What perfectly tousled hair.
  4. John Boyega as Finn
    Basically this is the movie where Finn falls instantly in love with every single person he meets (except Maz but w/e). He is a ball of sunshine and very funny and endearing.
  5. Friendships!!
    They're everywhere! They're full of hope and love and joy! Even though the movie goes to some dark places you will still leave the theater feeling like your heart might burst because it is so full of Good Things.
  6. Kylo Ren
    Aka Human Disaster. He's so lost and angry and you can see the #struggle going on in his heart. He's going to make for a great villain. Also I want to bake him a cake and give him a big ol' hug. Also he's played by Adam Driver, who is smokin hot 💘
  7. PowerPoint transitions
    So campy and so great
  8. Lightsabers
    They still make the noises and you still want one. At least I do. *zhyoooommm nyooom*
  9. This is turning into why you should love Star Wars in general
    Which is odd because thought I've seen them all, I only remember The Phantom Menace in its entirety.
  10. Anyways, you should see it if you want to be happy for only $8 and 2 and 1/2 hours
    Or whatever movie theaters are charging these days
  11. May the force be with you.