1. Because the windows in our house are hella old, we now have hella mold
  2. So while the upstairs is being wiped out and rebuilt, we are living in a much smaller, much more modern house
  3. There are good things and there are bad things
  4. Bad things:
  5. The furniture in my room is not furniture that I like
  6. There isn't room for my desk in my room
  7. The sheets that for this slightly bigger bed feel weird
  8. My room is a dark beige
  9. Good things:
  10. There's counter space in the bathroom????? There isn't a counter and my real house. Just sink and then it goes to the floor
  11. It's exciting!
  12. I have a dresser at the appropriate height for makeup application
  13. I'm getting rid of things!
    I love to get rid of things. 10/10 would recommend
  14. I feel creative🎼🎨🎹
    I'm seeing all the empty journals I have and I'm ready to fill them! And maybe it's something about a new space? I don't know!
  15. Whatever it is, this is an exciting move for the next three months
    (In construction world, "three months" is code for "six months") but whatever I'm just going to live my life