To be honest this is just an excuse to post a billion pictures
  1. Her full, legal name is Dog-Zilla.
    Like God-Zilla, geddit? Geddit?? Hahahahaha!!!T
  2. Some other names for Zilla
    Zillabug, Dum-dum, Pumpkin, Knobby Elbows, Shithead (by my dad only), Mutt (also only by my dad), Dog (Dad again), Zils (once, by my Mom, before we all decided it felt wrong), Cricket, and finally, Rocket Dog*
  3. *Rocket Dog
    Rocket Dog is what Zilla becomes after being outside all day. She runs full-speed in circles around the dining room table while growling loudly to herself. Also the floor becomes lava and only carpets are safe for her precious paws, which is thrilling to watch from the safety of the mantle.
  4. Sometimes she licks the wall? I don't know what that's about.
  5. She likes to eat in the dining room.
    Cause she's a lady. But we feed her in the kitchen, so she takes a mouthful of kibble, runs to the dining room, spits it all out, then takes her little bites.
  6. She waits for me in morning after I leave
    (As reported to me by my mother. I wouldn't know. Because I left.) Like I haven't left for school every morning at 6:10 for the past four years. To be fair though, sometimes I do come back because I forgot my keys. And she's always there. This is equal parts adorable and heartbreaking. Sorry.
  7. She's Very Cute
    Thank you, that's all