So I am moving from Cincinnati, OH to Washington, DC. It's not a bad drive if you have someone to talk to and some good music but, I drove the U-Haul while my wife drove the car. Also she has all the music on her phone so with my best friend and DJ gone I relied on FM radio through the excitement of rural America. This is what I learned
  1. Always scan stations. It's crazy how fast you can go from one station to twenty
  2. It's even crazier how fast you can go back to one
  3. West Virginia public radio has pretty crazy range
  4. Pluto has an ocean under its surface. Apparently earth is one of the few planets with an external ocean. Also there is a substance known as ice 2 that is like ice but denser #thanksnpr
  5. Apparently the red hot chili peppers are still around and they have a totally new sound. It's alright.
  6. Christian pop music is hard to listen to for more than 15 seconds
  7. I literally know everything about the Loretta Lynch- Bill Clinton scandal. If you don't know about this ask me, I will tell you EVERYTHING
  8. I heard a pastor quote Charlie Sheen. I guess Friday night isn't when they bust out the A team
  9. After listening to an inning of baseball I still have no idea who was playing. I think one of the teams might have been the Blue Jays though
  10. There's a DJ in rural West Virginia who really hates music critics
  11. There's radio station in rural Maryland that I'm pretty sure has 12 year olds running the show
  12. After 7 hours, Christian pop music starts getting pretty entertaining
  13. After 7 hours, I can start grooving to Justin Beiber
  14. After 7 hours I can temporarily control my irrational hatred of P!nk
  15. After 7 hours country music still sucks
  16. Nothing beats entering city limits. The land of a thousand radio stations
  17. But mostly I just miss my bff