1. People who enjoy horoscopes
  2. Introverts who can pass for extroverted
  3. Anyone who's had an eating disorder
  4. People who like school and/ or learning
  5. Anyone who mentions minimalism
  6. People who like caffeine pills or too much coffwe
  7. Anyone who mentions Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  8. Anything with cinnamon actually
  9. People who like self-improvement books or blogs
  10. People that love the same shows as me
  11. People with just the right amount of sarcasm
  12. People who like taking photos of everything
  13. And do scrap booking digitally because less mess
  14. Anyone who mentions psych studies in casual conversation
  15. Anyone with a 90% black clothes wardrobe
  16. People with good grammar and appreciation of good grammar
  17. People who like cleaning and organizing