This was a year of extremes for me. My New Years resolution at the beginning of the year was to find balance. As most resolutions do, balance fell to the back of the line. I'd like to act like I am going to start 2K16 resolution free but tbh nyresolutions are fun and possibly even important.
  1. I attended a few work holiday parties during the month of January
    One of the holiday parties was lovely and innocent drunk fun. The other involved me over drinking and making many regrettable decisions followed by a two day anxiety attack that I called in from work for. Yikes. It was the first time I ever called out of work for anxiety.
  2. In March I got some unfortunate news
    Nervous to talk about this on more than just tumblr but also feel the desire to speak about this without shame. SO that being said in March I got diagnosed with HPV. Which essentially means that (in my particular case) I now carry the virus for anal warts and could one day develop cancer from the virus. It has been a difficult experience for me, but a quote helped me (from soPOPular) regarding any diagnoses, "First you're going to hurt, then you're going to heal, then you're going to live."
    In April I took a road trip to Colorado. I was there for 24 hours to attend a funeral. After driving there and back alone, I got on a plane and flew to Los Angeles to stay with some girlfriends from college for a few days. LA is smaller than you'd think. Not in distance or layout but like the actual people and the Hollywood sign. Cameras make everything look larger than life.
  4. I came back from vacation and started a new job
    I left one corporate recruiting job for a 'better' corporate recruiting job before realizing that I do not want to be a corporate recruiter.
  5. BoysRetreat
    At the end of the summer I got an unexpected invite to go to a lake cabin. So I met up with some old high school friends and a couple of guys from high school I didn't really know for a weekend of shenanigans and food and beer and comradely bonding and the Monday I came back from that weekend I quit my corporate recruiting job 😅
  6. I moved into my own place!
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    With no roommates. It was one of my nyresolutions and I actually achieved it! And my studio is a beautiful sanctuary! I built a bed from scratch. And a bar. I'm very proud of my overly priced shoebox.
  7. Got back into the serving industry
    I love making my money on a daily basis and having cash on hand always. I also love being on my feet and feeling coordinated and being able to carry five glasses without using a tray 😎
  8. My birthday aka your favorite national holiday
    I firmly that everyone's birthday is a global holiday and should be celebrated by all as such. For my birthday I went to brunch wearing a cute ass jacket, took pictures next to red trees, smoked weed in a bathtub with friends, went to a live folk concert wearing a Beyoncé sweater, and ended the night at a gay bar eating pizza before blacking out in my bed eating another pizza.
  9. Began the year of 23
    Have you ever seen the Jim Carey movie The Number 23? It's a gem. I turned 23 this year and I'm assuming it will be similar to that movie. (Watch for context or read the following instead: the movie is about obsession --potentially addiction-- but is also suspenseful and filled with odd sexy jim Carey lust. His obsession is his deadly downfall)
  10. Halloween
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    My favorite holiday. I dressed as a sexy pumpkin and went to too many bars/parties for one night. At the end of the night I made out with a man in a kitchen in front of many people 😅
  11. Got List App
    And basically everything from there is documented via my holiday lists lol lets bring on the new year.