By putting these here I'm proving I've grown, right?
  1. "Martinis taste like sea water."
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    Age 18. Now at 23 I'll drink a hendricks dirty with olives alone at the bar with a sophisticated smirk on my face.
  2. "Yeah, I'd just never want to perform at an amusement park."
    While I still personally stand by this statement I cringe when I remember saying this to a group of actors who just graduated college. They schooled me. I was definitely being rude and didn't realize. I have friends who get gigs at valley fair now and I'm nothing but proud. get your work! get your money!
  3. "John Kerry looks like a horse."
    When he was running I was too young to even understand politics. I only disliked him because my parents did and while debating politics in some 7th grade social studies class this was my only answer as to why he shouldn't be president.
  4. "Trans people are for Oprah."
    WHY???? I'm sorry. 17 years old. @kacey do you remember this? You politely replied, 'they're just people, chandler.' That statement literally changed the way I thought/spoke about gnc people and it's sad to think of the lack of consciousness I had at the time that that's all it took
  5. "I'm passed the point in my life where I need to borrow money from my parents." Me @ every age so far
    Lmao stfu
  6. "Whenever I go to a new restaurant I just get chicken strips."
    One of the people at the table literally replied, "that really shows your age." I was 19 and dining with a bunch of 23-25 year olds. Lmao we were at TGI Fridays she didn't have to come for me like that. She may have embarrassed me but my desire to try new things improved as did my life quality. Also becoming a vegetarian helped make me try new things.