I'm a pro at dining/drinking alone. Museums are new territory. The last time I went to a museum was on a field trip. The Walker is putting on an exhibit called Hippie Modernism and it's free for five hours every Thursday. I live within walking distance, it's not too cold, and I have the night off, so I'm excited to check it out.
  1. The Walker Art Museum has too many white walls it's hurting my eyes
  2. I don't get it
  3. So many people are here and it's too crowded to partake in the exhibit
  4. Why are all the exhibits built for two people
  5. This is cool
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    You could go inside and there was a screen playing some old film
  6. Hippie Modernism
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  7. Why is there a room full of plants that aren't thriving?
    Is this art?
  8. My cappuccino from the museum cafe tasted like sour milk
  9. All in all I'll just make sure I don't ever go to the Walker on a day when I have to pay to see the galleries 😂