I'm growing my hair out #tenmoreyears and I want to get a haircut really bad right now. Up until this point I've just been growing the top out and cutting the sides every 2 months or so. It's been four months and I'm trying to get past this awkward in between stage I just want to have long hair down to my knees
  1. Invest money in manicures and pedicures
    Still lets me go and have a grooming service done and gives me enough of a makeover to feel refreshed and new like I need all the time
  2. Get massages
    I need to pay people to touch me because it helps me reLAX OKAY
  3. Get hair extensions
    I just looked at a few salons in my neighborhood and I might have to wait until I get a tax return but I might get extensions to test what it's like having long hair to make sure I'm not making a mistake 😬
  4. Progress pic
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    I buzzed my head with a #2 in July of 2014. So the top is almost 18 months of growth (I think I trimmed it once or twice when I was cleaning up my sides)
  5. The only pic I can find of my hair close to that buzz because I don't think it looked very nice right away when it was as short as the sides all over
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