Because it's 3am and I can't sleep
  1. Serving is actually a really cool fucking gig
    I'm not saying this as like a novice beginner server (okay maybe I am I have less than 5 years experience lol but more than 3!)
  2. Yeah sometimes you get shit on and only make $30 in a 6 hour shift
    Why I avoid breakfast/lunch shifts
  3. But you can also have literally zero dollars and no paycheck coming for two weeks and then a few hours later have $400
    Tonight I made $47/HR which I believe is the highest I've ever made working any job ever (sorry to anyone uncomfortable reading about others finances. I never realized it was weird to talk about money until after college I just thought it was normal to be like yeah I'm broke as a joke right now or like hey guys let's go out I'm buying. And to be honest I still feel that way so I hope you do too #millennial)
  4. Sure sometimes there are kids that smell like poopy diaper that sit in your coworker's section but smell up the whole dining room
    And you don't understand why the parents can't smell it and why they're so calm just sitting in the poop
  5. And sometimes you have a 10 table section that's completely full
    And tables keep leaving in 3's and then being sat all at the same time and you're like excuse me host I know you're new but don't do that as much please use the wait list
  6. But everyone is all on the same page like we just apologize and offer to help
    I honestly love working with servers they are so damn helpful and nice and quick. It's like we are all in our own little worlds that are different but the exact same. There is a word for that feeling but I think it's in a different language and I can't remember what it is but I experienced it when I was on shrooms watching a school of minnows swimming. I felt like we were on the same path in the same world lmao
  7. An unrelated non work related side note
    I really want to stop beginning/ending my sentences with lol it's a weird defense mechanism and I have never once lol'd while typing lol. I just noticed while I was proofing that I had to delete a lot of lols