Inspired by @alligeeshow
  1. Fast food worker
    My first couple of jobs where at McDonald's/Arby's. I honestly loved having a job from the start, or more so I just loved feeling like an adult. I learned how to multitask, cook, deck scrub, and most importantly to smile at people when they're being really really mean to you.
  2. Hugos Grocery Cashier
    My senior year of high school job. I learned how to close down a business each night, how to stand on end for 8 hours at a time, and how to keep my patience with a process that can only go so fast.
  3. Seasonal Retail Emlployee
    I'm not telling you where because it's more than one and I'm embarrassed but essentially I learned how to fold clothes only to have them be destroyed (real life lesson!!), how to sell, and how to make a really cute outfit.
  4. Summer stock
    A mixture of carpenter, actor, technician, and dance captain. 12 hour days 6 days a week for 10 weeks. I learned the meaning of team work, hard work, and that if you dislike your technical director and feel silenced all summer you may become unprofessional in words.
  5. Carpenter
    Work study during college. I built sets for the theatre department. It was mostly simple wood work and painting but I did a little bit of welding, lighting, and sound work too. It was a fun job but I never had the right management to make me want to pursue it. Our department was always hiring temporary shop managers.
  6. Host
    If I hadn't been a host I would have never started serving. I learned how to make shit happen quickly, and how to organize a group of people's immediate schedules.
  7. Server
    Started almost 5 years ago and is my current profession. I learned how to handle large stacks of money, how to read a group of people within seconds of meeting them, and how to carry 5 drinks without a tray ;)
  8. CNA
    I learned how to care for another human being in the most intimate setting. I learned how to clean up diarrhea from a woman who pooped her pants everyday at the same time with no warning, during dinner. I learned how to listen. I watched a person die, which was life changing and heartbreaking.
  9. Debt collector
    I was a nice debt collector I swear! I learned how to acknowledge a persons struggle, and how to convince someone how to do what's in their best interest. I also learned how to deescalate and how to stand my ground!
  10. Recruiter
    I discovered my ability to type 80 WPM while simultaneously leaving a voicemail. I also found out I'm great at shooting shit on the phone for 45 minutes with total strangers. I learned that if a job isn't right for you, you'll know, and that it is quite alright to leave.
  11. Landscaper
    My experience is brief and young but so far I've planted a tree, laid mulch, and built a dry creek bed!