Sometimes adding things to my daily routine becomes too much and I end up skipping out on self care because I feel like there's no point in doing it if I can't be consistent. Instead I'd like to make a list of things that need to be done (at least) once a week, and assign them a day because I like patterns.
  1. Sunday soak in the tub
    My Amazon wish list is so full of bath bombs from lush it's comical
  2. Monday is my day off
    I don't work on Mondays if I can avoid it. It's built into my schedule and if I work on this day it is a choice and usually one that doesn't need to be made.
  3. Tuesday night hair treatment
    I've got all these new oils (grapeseed, avocado, walnut, coconut, peppermint) and I've been doing a weekly treatment of a combination of certain oils to help strengthen and moisturize my hair while I sleep.
  4. Wednesday water the plants
    This really translates to taking care of the things in my apartment that need to be tended to. Water my plants, throw away junk mail, recycle bottles and cans sitting around.
  5. Thursday deep clean
    Wednesday prepares me to really pick shit up on Thursday
  6. Friday fun
    Open translation
  7. Saturday post work face mask
    Currently I'm using a cucumber peel off from cvs but I'm interested in making some homemade ones too