If you're a millennial then you know that brunch isn't just a meal, it's a lifestyle. If you happen to find yourself in Minneapolis, MN on a Saturday/Sunday between 10am-3pm, make sure to consider these places. If you're from Minneapolis or familiar with the area, add on!
  1. Nico's Taco and Tequila Bar
    I used to live down the street from here so the amount of times I've enjoyed single hungover brunch can't be tracked. I love the sopes and the chilaquiles, and they have an incredible tequila bar. They make a good bloody Maria and they have a killer drink called the rattlesnake.
  2. The Lowry
    Lots of tap beer! But get there early or just be prepared to wait. I don't personally like oysters, but it's a great option if you do.
  3. Hola Arepa
    A food truck that opened a restaurant. Some of the best food in Minneapolis tbh. And they have good margaritas too :)
  4. Uptown Diner
    They don't serve booze/wine/beer but the breakfast burrito is a healing experience
  5. Heyday
    Biscuits and gravy 👌🏼
  6. Liquor Lyles
    They literally have 2for1's and you get a free alcoholic drink with your meal. That's 3 drinks and food for around $15. Best dive bar deal in town
  7. Longfellow Grill
    They have sweet, they have savory; everything is delicious. The patio is lovely and the likelihood to get a seat on it is in the 95% range.
    Suggested by @Mbates11
  8. Al Vento
    To be fair, I've never actually eaten here. However, several weeks ago on the coldest morning of the year I waited in line to get in- outside! With many- emphasis in the many, other people, to get inside. It was 9:50 and tables weren't available until 1:00 and people were talking about drinking the hollandaise sauce.
    Suggested by @Mbates11