A list of pros and cons about living in Minneapolis
  1. pro: within walking distance of hundreds of bars, shops, and restaurants
  2. con: if my car gets ticketed or towed again I could be forced to move back to my home town
    If I haven't paid the $200 for new tabs do you think I can really pay the $107 ticket you keep giving me everyday?
  3. pro: I am 10 minutes away from 3 separate lakes
  4. con: my studio is less than 400 sq ft and is $700+\month
  5. pro: most of my college friends live here
  6. con: I don't see any of my family members on a regular basis
  7. pro: in theory I can make more money here
  8. con: everything is more expensive
    My bank account is currently in the negative and my rent is late 💅🏼