It's my day off and I am finally out of bed. The schedule of a server is liberating but stressful. I worked hard for five hours last night and made bank. The thing about serving is whether I do it for 2 hours or 12 hours I feel exhausted and drained after. Days off often require 3pm happy hours.
  1. Bloody Mary
    Kettle One, I prefer an ipa for the snit but Miller/Coors do the trick too. Also if someone can find me one that doesn't cost $9 and comes with a kick ass skewer during the week is love that
  2. An IPA
    I won a badge on my untapped app that told me I favor IPAs and I used to hate them but honestly they're my go to. Especially since the snit I'm drinking right now is definitely a domestic so I'd love a nice hoppy IPA after this spicy Bloody Mary
  3. Whiskey rocks
    Either Jameson or makers but it's like a little dessert drink