1. Tasteful butt crack
    I'm talking nick jonas Flaunt magazine level
  2. Solid color pop with bold accessories
    I've been on a patten hop for a while now but this summer I'm going to buy solid bright colors. I've also been avoiding jewelry for years and I'm ready for some chunky gold statement necklaces/watches/bracelet/earnings/rings
  3. Tan lines
    Why avoid them when they're inevitable and cute. Don't shame my vitamin d exposure
  4. crop tops and daisy dukes
    Getting out the scissors
  5. Coin$$$
    I didn't get a third job for nothing and while I agree that capitalism is the devil I'm still gonna survive it in style. I want money in my savings account again and a vacation in the fall.
  6. Gin
  7. Late nights and long morning sleeps
    Like when I was 16 and could sleep till 3pm not just shamelessly, but proudly