When I imagine these scenarios I cry in real life too
  1. Meeting Beyoncé
    My favorite scenario is winning an award and not knowing that's she's presenting the award so I'm too overwhelmed to say thank you for the award and instead just thank the coordinator for helping me meet Beyoncé
  2. Surprise reunion of old friends
    In this scenario I have moved away from my loved ones. I am in a new town and I only have one person I am close with. They know I am lonely and convince all of my friends from home to visit me without telling me. I walk into my apartment and find all my closest loved ones in one room, I fall to the ground and weep.
  3. Winning the lottery
    It's at 700 mill right now can you even imagine??
  4. Finding out that somehow I will be a father
    I don't even think I want this lol I just want the reaction scene from sex and the city that Charlotte has when she finds out she's going to be a mom