I've been struggling all day in my head worrying about my future and finances/my past and all of the wrongs I've ever committed. So I'm shifting to staying present.
  1. Inspired by the fact that an actual thought I just had was, 'Omg, do you remember how sad you were in May of 2014?'
    This thought took place shortly after I had been romanticizing my past memories
  2. Why tf do I care if I was sad 2 years ago if that sadness is no longer in need of being expressed
    the reasons I was sad in 2014 are never going to go away but that doesn't mean I have to let them ruminate in my life now
  3. I'm not living presently
    It's beautiful out but I'm feeling a little trapped in my studio and in my head
  4. So I decided to exercise a little
    I literally did 15 push-ups and stretched and went for a walk around my complex but I'm counting it as exercise
  5. And to write down my current thoughts
  6. As a kid I used to spend all of my spare time day dreaming and back then it was always fictional and exciting
  7. Now I sit and make up fake scenarios of how I should have reacted about something in my past or what could happen if I behave the way I really want to in my daily life
  8. Is it a constant struggle to stay present for anyone else?