I think I'm going to go back to school within the next couple of years and these are some of the most recent things I've been looking into
  1. Northern Arizona University
    I saw the campus when I was in Flagstaff in 2013. Loved the town then because it was like a little green oasis in the desert. I like their masters in communication with a documentary emphasis. (Ex careers: nonfiction storyteller, media journalist)
  2. University of Oregon
    In Eugene, OR. They've got a masters in media studies that aligns with their doctoral media studies degree and you would do a fellowship with the school for up to like six years I think
  3. University of Washington Tacoma
    I've been reading about their social work program as well as their community planning program although that would be an undergraduate and graduate undertaking.
  4. CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
    I don't even think this is financially possible but they have a social journalism degree that is very intriguing.
  5. Georgia State University
    Atlanta seems appealing to me and I have no idea why. I read up on their gerontology program.
  6. The London School of Journalism
    Just in case trump wins I need a flee the country option