I just filed and now I'm mentally spending the money before it even gets in my account. Be the Angel on my shoulder telling me to be responsible or the devil telling me to go wild.
  1. Vacation
    So this is for sure happening but I'm essentially questioning if I should spend the majority of my money on a NE roadtrip or if I try and do it all cheap. I'm going to stop in Pittsburgh, Buffalo, NYC, and DC.
  2. Hair
    Should I just get a cheap trim or go do a full spa day at the hair school?
  3. Tires/oil change
    I really should buy new tires like yesterday I got stuck in slush parallel parking it was awful. But it's so expensive!
  4. Debt
    Blah blah blah
  5. Savings
    It would be smart to put some away but how
  6. Beyoncé tickets
    There's no way I can pay for all these things and then Beyoncé goes and announces she's going to be in my city in a couple months and I have to buy tickets now