I've loved tattoos since I was a little boy. My parents had them growing up and I always wanted them. I spent my childhood drawing on myself and got my first tattoo when I was 16. This is a list (potentially in chronological order if I can remember) of the tattoos that I have to date.
  1. Peace sign
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    This was my first tattoo. It is on my shoulder. It is faded and cute and even though world peace is a comical concept I still like the idea of finding my own inner peace 😌
  2. A smiley face that is smirking
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    On the back of my left calf. I got this for my 17th birthday. My mom calls it a shit eating grin lol
  3. Relax
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    Got this tattoo on my right hip when I was visiting NYC in 2012
  4. Anchor
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    Very cliche. A 'keep yourself grounded' mixed with 'uproot yourself whenever you're ready' context lmao I'm such a contradiction
  5. California poppies on my ribs
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    This was my 2nd most painful tattoo and I slept through a lot of it. Lmao ok I'm so thin in this picture it's painful like how did I not love myself
  6. The silhouette of a beard
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    I wouldn't call this a regret but it is the only tattoo I have that I could see myself removing or covering up. It was poorly done and the ink bled out of the outline so it looks constantly bruised. Luckily I can wear a string bikini and it can still be covered
  7. Rabbit rabbit
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    My mom and I have the same lucky rabbits tattooed on our arms
  8. Samuel French
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    My largest most painful tattoo. On my left thigh. Took almost six hours and my leg literally was like spasming it was so bad
  9. Paisley
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    One of the most overpriced but cutest tattoos I have. The artist quoted me for 4 hours of work and the tattoo only took about an hour and I still paid for 4 hours :/
  10. !
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    Smallest tattoo. Hidden by my wrist watch.
  11. Friday the 13th candle
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    $13 tattoos with a $7 lucky tip. My name means candle maker so I thought it was fitting
  12. Portland flowers
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    I got this cute tattoo at the Jade Mermaid in Portland when I turned 22.
  13. C'est la vie
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    Under my rabbit. My grandpa used to have a sailboat called the sailve but it was destroyed in a hurricane. (That's life)
  14. Fireworks
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    Done as a pride special this year at a shop by my house. Not #4thofjulypride but rather #aropride and #gaypride
  15. And I'm hoping to get something fun this weekend at the Minneapolis tattoo convention
    I'm thinking about a blue pineapple