It's been a day. I swear to god I can hold a job 🙃
  1. About a week and a half ago I had a conversation with my boss about how he mistreats myself and his other employees
    I told him I wasn't putting in my resignation yet. He told me he would work on things.
  2. I felt I was very professional in the conversation
    And I had multiple coworker's who I shared the experience with. They told me of similar conversations they had had with him as well.
  3. I decided to start applying for new jobs.
    Because they had all informed me that nothing had changed since their conversations.
  4. I had 3 interview in a week and a half
    I was supposed to have another today but it was cancelled due to manager illness
  5. I got a job today at 3:00PM
    Had my second interview yesterday and felt comfortable accepting today
  6. I went to work at 4:00PM at my current job for my shift and to put my two weeks notice in
  7. I noticed I had been taken off the schedule
  8. Classic
    In the 9 months I've been here I've seen one person put in their 2 weeks and have it be honored
  9. My boss was really mad
    Super rude, condescending, self entitled
  10. He told me to run my food more at my next job because I didn't do it enough.
    Thanks for never mentioning that over the last 9 months
  11. At one point I started smiling and laughing because he was acting so self righteous
  12. He called me smug
  13. I explained I wanted to be professional and not act disrespectfully
  14. He began to backtrack. He stated that he had acted disrespectful 'as well' and was accepting 50/50 fault
    Where was I disrespectful??!
  15. We shook hands after he told me he had been rooting for me??!
    Bitch I excelled here.
  16. Boy bye.
    On to finer dining I hope.