I forgot my hometown

I just moved back to my hometown of Aurora, CO. I haven't been here in over ten years and while a lot is different these are some cute things that stayed the same even if I forgot about them
  1. The sidewalks curbs are slanted
  2. Prairie dogs inhabit the open lots
    I don't have a picture but I just watched the local news and saw a story about how they're becoming a problem?
  3. All the houses in my grandmas neighborhood are made of brick
    Single story with crawl space or basement
  4. This creek next to her house
  5. You can see the mountains from all over even if pictures just look like clouds
  6. There are black widows here???
    This I don't remember and I just killed two while cleaning out my grandmas window well here is a pic of one
  7. I haven't seen one of these in like 14 yrs