This isn't a list to explain why I didn't celebrate because I don't want to ruin anyone's holiday. Jolly things are fine and good. This is a list to describe what I did instead of traditional merriment.
  1. Created a playlist for NYE
    This was sort of last night but it was an Xmas eve/Xmas activity non the less. Go check it out on Spotify 2K15NYE2K16 By Chandler Cline. It's got 95 songs and I'd like to have 100 so any suggestions are appreciated if they fit the mood. Don't need to be from 2015 by any means (I love the oldies)
  2. Laid in bed
    Smoking greens and scrolling the day away
  3. Flat ironed my hair
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    I do it to check the progress of growth but also because it's ugly and looking like Kate+8 gets me off
  4. Researched open bars/restaurants
  5. Took a shower
    I know it isn't normal to shower 1-2 times a day (globally or historically) but it's a privilege I run all out with
  6. Decided on the herkimer
    For a cocktail and some beers and a veggie flatbread
  7. Now I'm trying to locate dessert
    But I don't think the herk has it so I might walk to the cc club or uber to the gas station :)