There is a lot of conflicting research as to whether or not the aluminum found in most deodorants can actually be harmful to the body. Some stuff I've read says it can cause Alzheimer's and cancer while other sites say that is a myth. Either way I don't like the smell of men's deodorant and the non scented TOMS brand wasn't doing it for me
  1. Recipe
  2. The oils I chose were lemon, cedar, and peppermint
    Weird concoction but it smells kinda like smokey and clean at the same time??
  3. I made it about 5 days ago and originally tried to keep it in an old deodorant container but my apartment is too warm and the consistency is too thin
    Kind of like a lotion almost
  4. So I have it in a mason jar in my bathroom and I use a little brush to apply a little bit each morning
  5. And so far it's been the best deodorant I've used ✔️
    But I do always feel that way right when I switch brands too so I'll see how long this lasts and if my body gets used to it
  6. The scent from the essential oils has faded extremely and now the mix really just smells like cocoa butter.
    I think what that means is I can add a little bit every few days if I want to make the scent stronger but it really just makes my pits smell like nothing at the end of the day either way which is incredible
  7. I don't know if it has anything in it that acts as an actual antiperspirant but I have been sweating much less