These date back to 2007 I think. The fact that these pictures are even up on the internet is unfortunate so let's list about it while simultaneously securing their place in web archives
  1. Age 15, freshly bleached hair. Brother Seth, age 9.
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    This is comical we look so different now
  2. I essentially have the same haircut now just the back isn't grown out
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    And it's not blue and it's a little longer now
  3. Jenny Morris
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    This girl literally was 26 years old in this pic and hadn't had a haircut in her whole life. Absolute hair goals tbh #tenmoreyears
  4. My first beard
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    It took all summer and is comical compared to my ginger face mane now but it's nostalgic
  5. Solidarity in vices
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    @kacey this is our thumbs circa 2010
  6. This is like 1999
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    I'm furthest to the right blonde and making face