Thanksgiving was this week and despite having a formula for disaster the holiday wasn't that bad
  1. My entire family ate together
    Stepmom, dad, mom, sister-in-law and her family and my nephew (one of them) and my brothers. I drank a bota box individual 3 glass carton and had uncomfortable conversation but my nephew was sweet to me and remembered who I was
  2. I met my best friend's new boyfriend
    And he was cute and kind and perfect for her
  3. I left my card at the bar
    But I didn't have a hangover for too long the next day because my little brother microwaved me pizza and gave me water in bed before I fell asleep
  4. I cried 3 times in 2.5 days
    Which is actually pretty healthy for me because crying either forces me to talk through what is bothering me or at the least it helps me feel my emotions to their fullest