1. Sitting in a car for 14 hours straight 👍👍
    I love long distance driving I'm not joking
  2. Staying at an unconventional Hostel in Pittsburgh
    And meeting the coolest 25 year old ever. Like buy a house and use it as a homeless shelter for no profit kind of cool.
  3. Bonding with your travel companion
    @jaymegodding and I used to be roommates but this is our first vacay together. It's only day 2 but I think we are doing well. Also shout out to my PattyNail™
  4. Getting drunk with locals
    I like meeting strangers and having a quick exchange
  5. $5 characters
  6. AIR BNB
    This is my first time and the loft we are staying at in Buffalo is gorgeous
  7. Food
    Having a solo dinner right now and loving my life. Local IPA and a buffalo chicken flatbread. Something about the crust reminds me of a grilled cheese and it's delicious
  8. The best part is we still have 3 more destinations 😍
    Heading to Niagara Falls tomorrow, then NYC, then crashing with @kacey for st pats in Kalamazoo