1. I am thirteen and it is a Sunday morning. Our family is just getting home from church.
    Ugh it's crazy like writing this the pain I feel in my chest still!
  2. My father did not come to church, and is walking out to his car with suit cases as we pull up.
  3. It's almost like deja vu only the first time he left we didn't get home in time to say goodbye. So it feels like we are catching him red handed.
  4. We get inside. He still has a few more trips to make to the car, a few more things to bring with him.
  5. I hide in the bathroom. This is the third time he has left, and I do not want to say goodbye.
  6. He knocks.
  7. He comes in and he tells me he's leaving. I hate him but I am so hurt and so confused and I hug him while we cry for a brief moment.
  8. He leaves. Moves to Arizona.
  9. My mother drives my brothers and I to turtle river to spend the day. We burn all of our old school papers and notebooks in a fire pit.