I have tomorrow and Monday off! Here's some stuff I'm for sure gonna do and some stuff I probably won't do
  1. Single brunch
    I love going out to eat alone and I'm going to try a new place tomorrow. Hopefully I can get out of bed before 1 but every good place should serve brunch until 4 in my opinion
  2. Laundry
    There's a laundromat down the street from me that takes credit cards and it's very handy
  3. Amazing Thailand
    I talked to my therapist this week about trying to eat on a more regular schedule and enjoy my food and he gave me an exercise so I'm going to go and try it sometime in the next two days while eating my fav Thai dish
  4. Maybe highlight my hair??
    The sides are growing out so much and they are like 10 shades darker than the top lol I want to even it out but for cheap. I'm considering going to a school and having a student do it
  5. Or get a pedicure
    Still haven't ever done this lol
  6. I also really want to put a piercing back in my nose
    My septum is still open but everyone has fake ones now and I haven't worn a ring for like 2 years. I was considering getting my nostril pierced again. It would be fun to have like a decorative gold septum ring though like Rihanna 😍
  7. And maybe buy some pants
    I ripped my fav jeans in the crotch and now only have one very dirty pair of pants that fits
  8. Clean my damn studio
    So much garbage to be taken outside...
  9. All while maintaining consistent naps
    Daily around 530 preferably but late naps starting around 8 are fine too